Seven Super Ways To Keep Exercising This Winter

As the nights are drawing in and the mornings are just as gloomy it is so much harder to do exercise on a daily basis. The obvious option is to join a gym, but here are some other simple tips to keep you from piling on the pounds and losing all those health benefits you gained from working hard all summer.



1)    Start work earlier or finish later if you can in order to fit some exercise into the middle of your day. A post prandial perambulation (after lunch walk) is a perfect way to get some fresh air, see a bit of daylight and feel a bit more human.

2)    Use an exercise app/ DVD (or use your Netflix for something that isn’t just chilling ;-)) that guides you through a programme you can do from home without having to go out in dark.

3)    Get yourself some new gear… waterproof, fluorescent, reflective with a headtorch or a light for your bike. Once you’re out, it really won’t be that bad.


4)    Learn a new skill… take up a class: dance/ martial arts/ track cycling/ fencing/ squash/ tennis/ badminton just to name a few.

5)    Get a dog…. They will make you go for walks no matter what the weather and no matter how unmotivated you are! They also have the added bonus of being great for cuddles and keeping your feet warm when they have dried off! If you don’t fancy getting your own dog you could take a rescue dog for a walk from an animal shelter.


6) Get a buddy to work out with so that you both drive each other and stop the other from slacking off

7) Get out into the countryside at the weekend… we live so close to the Peak District, and unless the weather is awful, walking in the winter is often nicer than in the summer… less busy, not as hot, and often clearer visibility. The pub at the end is also cosier and more rewarding with a fire!


Happy Exercising!!



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