5 tests to tell if Santa's bringing you new trainers

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Shh… 7 weeks today is Christmas eve, and maybe, just maybe if you have been very good this year – there will be shiny new running shoes waiting for you under the tree.

On a serious note – most people start running or increase their running as a new year’s resolution, and in the Sporting Joint clinic there is a significant increase in running injures caused by poor footwear. We grab our shoes, put them on and start exercising without giving it a second thought, but this is leading contributor to foot and leg complaints.

We all know we need to replace our trainers like any footwear but how do we know when to do it? A hole in the sole or a toe sticking out the upper are obvious clues but there are other signs that may be missed.


The Wobble Test

Place your shoes on a flat surface. If they wobble for a while and then settle this is a good indication you need a new pair. If you see the shoe leaning to one side, you will have likely worn the sole away – leading to potential foot instability.


The Bend Test

Trainers will normally only bend under ball of your foot (unless wearing minimalist trainers) They should not bend backwards under the sole of the shoe, in the arch area of your shoe. This may lead to arch strain and all runners will be aware of dreaded plantar fasciitis!


The “peek-a-boo” test

You should not be sporting a hole at any site in your shoe. If you find your toe is popping out to say hello or you’re feeling the ground a little too much under your foot - you may be in the market for a new pair of shoes


The Stomp Test

The back of your shoe offers a lot of support and control. Not undoing your shoe laces when slipping your shoes on and off or stomping on the back of them will crush the heel counter beyond return. This is the worst shoe habit that I see in my clinic on a daily basis!


The “My shoes never last” Test

If you are finding you are spending more money on your shoes that Imelda Marcos due to excessive wear, its time to get your shoes looked at by a professional.


The Sporting Joint can assess if your footwear is excessively worn and if this is occurring too quickly. They can answer your questions and provide custom footwear assessment and suggestions to get the best shoes for your feet.  Don’t let incorrect t footwear halt your running over the festive period!



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