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SJ Enhancing performance

For all those looking to improve their fitness, strength and stability, whatever the level of sport.


Guido Geutjens Knee Specialist, Derby 

For expert knee assessment and surgery where appropriate.



Youtube link to some great videos on how to use your foam roller and other therapeutic aids.



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Are you a new mum? Here’s 10 things your Women’s Health physio wants you to know.......

Specific exercises to strengthen a weakened or previously injured area ensures that you are more likely to be able to return to normal movement patterns, without the natural ‘cheats’ our bodies use when we have painful, weak or damaged tissue.

So…. You think you over pronate…. Relax! It’s no biggy!


I have lost count of the number of referrals and patients that are booked into my clinic because they think or have been told they excessively pronate.


Let’s clear a few things up...

The Derbyshire Sporting Joint is sponsoring the medals for the Ramathon, Derby's half marathon this year on June 5th 2016. To celebrate this, I thought I would collate some of my general tips for those involved. Next month you will hear from our expert biomechanical podiatrist for her footcare tips and ideas. Kate :-)