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SJ Enhancing performance

For all those looking to improve their fitness, strength and stability, whatever the level of sport.


Guido Geutjens Knee Specialist, Derby 

For expert knee assessment and surgery where appropriate.



Youtube link to some great videos on how to use your foam roller and other therapeutic aids.



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Do you do your vegetable exercises?

Every day I see people who love to do a specific sport.... running, cycling, swimming to their hearts content. And none of them want to do anything else, because they love their sport. And why wouldn't you? 

The problem is that if you love Macaroni Cheese, and all you want to eat is Macaroni Cheese every day, the reality is if you don't eventually start eating some vegetables, you'll get scurvy!!! 

Five tips for people who 'hotdesk'

Hot-desking has become a fashionable phenomenon in this day and age. It's a nice idea, but in reality it's leading to a lot of people being in pain or discomfort as they don't make sure that their desk position is right for them, as they'll only be there for the day!

What is Reflexology?

Here, our resident reflexologist, Joanne Lee, tells us all about what Reflexology is. If you've never tried it you should definitely have a go... Without me telling Joanne anything about me, she immediately picked up a couple of things in my body (I had a sore stomach at the time, and she told me why!, and she also commented on a previous shoulder injury I'd flared up, also without knowing anything about it), I felt really relaxed afterwards and had the sleep of my life that night. I'd definitely recommend giving it a go! x Kate 

Pain in the neck?

Here are 4 quick things to do at your desk to relieve neck and back pain.

Are you a new mum? Here’s 10 things your Women’s Health physio wants you to know.......

Specific exercises to strengthen a weakened or previously injured area ensures that you are more likely to be able to return to normal movement patterns, without the natural ‘cheats’ our bodies use when we have painful, weak or damaged tissue.