How We Treat

In general all treatments include a thorough assessment which will include a discussion, a physical evaluation and a hands-on treatment and exercises. It is a good idea to come to your treatment wearing comfortable, 
loose fitting clothing (shorts and t-shirt is ideal) and to bring shoes you are able to be active in. 
Most treatments will involve some ‘hands-on’ treatment, unless you specify otherwise.


The Assessment Components 
That We Use Include:

• Movement analysis
• Flexibility assessment
• Strength and stability evaluation
• Postural analysis
• Palpation of both affected and unaffected areas that can be linked to your condition


Types of Treatment Available

Physiotherapy   •  Kate  •  Gemma  •  Alison  •  Guy   •  Kate    •   Sarah   •   Sally   •   M ark •  Emma  (hands only)  •   Katie  (hands only)


• Sarah
• Sally
• Mark
• Emma (hands only)
• Katie (hands only)

All our physiotherapists are chartered, and registered with the health professions council.

Physiotherapy is a form of treatment that uses manipulation of the joints, mobilisation of the soft tissue* and joints, and specific exercises in order to restore normal movement and function in the body. Physiotherapists at this clinic have extensive experience treating all injuries (not just sports), and all ages and activity levels.

Treatment can include:

• Specific mobilisation of the soft tissue and joints. This could include:
    • Massage
    • Frictions
    • Fascial/ myofascial release
    • Joint mobilisation and/or manipulation
    • Acupuncture/ dry needling

• Electrotherapy if appropriate
• Taping (using Sports/ Kinesio/ Dynamic tape)
• Rehabilitation exercises for home, and/ or gym, and/ or return to sports.
(Patients needing to use a gym for their rehabilitation will be able to do so at David Lloyd Leisure where we are based at no additional cost***).

We are also now able to custom fit and supply all OSSUR knee braces and supports for other joints too.

* soft tissue includes muscles, tendons (connects muscle to bone), connective tissue (the bits that hold all your tissues together), ligaments (connects bone to bone), fascia (the covering of your muscles and the connections between muscles)
*** For short term rehabilitation of injuries, not for long term usage or prevention, unfortunately

Sports Therapy   •  Zoe   

Sports Therapy


Our sports therapists all have experience working with teams in a variety of sports and are all Graduate Sports Therapists who have a 3 year degree in Sports Therapy (unlike the 3–day- course fraudsters!). A Sports Therapist is specifically trained to assess injuries and implement appropriate rehabilitation programmes, utilising sport and exercise principles to optimise preparation and injury prevention programmes.

Sports Therapy aims to assist patients in improving sports performance, functional fitness, and improving posture and wellbeing. 

A number of treatment modalities are used in Sports Therapy rehabilitation to include:
• Joint mobilisation
• Muscle activation 
• Sports massage
• Soft tissue mobilisation including fascia
• Electrotherapy if appropriate 
• Taping (using sports/ Kinesio/ Dynamic tape)
• Rehabilitation exercises for home, and/ or gym, and/ or return to sports.
(Patients needing to use a gym for their rehabilitation will be able to do so at David Lloyd Leisure where we are based at no additional cost***).

*** For short term rehabilitation of injuries, not for long term usage or prevention, unfortunately!

Sports Massage   •  Zoe  • Matt •  S  arah  •  Alison  •  Gemma  •  Helen

Sports Massage

• Matt

Most of the practitioners in the clinic are experienced at sports massage therapy. Sports massage is the manipulation of soft tissues to alleviate muscle tension that can build up in the body due to physical activity. It is applicable not just to sports people, but to anybody wishing to guard against injury, as it helps to stop niggles in their tracks.

Work and emotional stress can result in pain that can be alleviated by sports massage. It is an excellent aid to recovery from hard training and overuse, or after an event/ match/ competition. It can also be used to enhance performance through quicker recovery and therefore improved ability to train, as well as increased flexibility.

Podiatry   •  Alice



Podiatrists are devoted to the study and medical treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle and lower limb. All Podiatrists working at the clinic are State registered with the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists and are registered with the Health Professions Council.

Treatments include: 
• Clinical gait analysis and biomechanics assessment; Clinical Biomechanics is the study of human function as we move:  how our joints, bones, muscles and soft tissues interrelate with each other during movement. 
• Diagnostic local anaesthetics and cortisone injections
• Massage
• Taping 
• Functional rehabilitation exercises 
• Provision of insoles: including simple insoles to off load pressure and functional bespoke orthotics.
• Footwear advice
• Nail Surgery: to deal with recurrent ingrowing toenails. This is a minor operation done under local anaesthetic. 

Thai Massage   •  Zoe  

Thai Massage


Traditional Thai Massage is one of the oldest healing modalities in the world.  It works on the whole of your body helping to relieve fatigue, muscular and nervous tension. For the massage you are fully dressed and no oils are used. Treatment involves pressing, stretching and pulling your body in various ways working your whole body from head to toe. It can be great for relaxation but also helps to boost energy levels as it improves your body's circulation too. 

Reflexology   •  Joanne



Reflexology is an ancient therapy practised on the hands and feet. It is a gentle holistic treatment, working on the body as a whole and works by the therapist gently pressing the energy points with their fingers. Every system and organ of the body corresponds to these points on the feet or hands and this stimulates the body’s own healing process.
It can help with migraines, menopause, IBS, stress, anxiety and back pain to name but a few.

WOMEN'S HEALTH    •   S  ally



Women’s Health is a specialist branch of physiotherapy dealing with pregnancy and post natal issues. They are fully registered, chartered physiotherapists who are also members of the Pelvic, Obstetric and Gynaecological Physiotherapy body (formerly the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Women Health).

Treatment specialisms include:
•  Manual therapy for all pregnancy and post natal aches and pains
•  Bespoke exercise programmes for both pregnancy and post natal recovery
•  Pelvic girdle pain assessment and treatment (recommended practitioner by the Pelvic Partnership)
•  Post Natal MOT’s (these are client specific, but often includes postural advice, pelvic floor recovery and a post natal exercise programme)
•  Diastasis Rectus rehabilitation (when your abdominals seperate during pregnancy)

Please do contact us to discuss any Women’s health related questions you may have. Remember,  it’s important to address your needs as well as those of your newborn!