What a pain in the neck

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Pain in the neck?

Here are 4 quick things to do at your desk to relieve neck and back pain.


1.     Sit at your desk and look straight ahead. Are you looking at the top part of your screen? If not, change it so you are. No excuses, I know you’ll find a way. Poor screen positioning is the number one cause of neck pain at work.


2.     Change what you sit on. Try sitting on a stability cushion (£14.99 and you just pop it on your existing chair). They are great for adding movement into your day and changing the position of your neck. Try it for 20 minutes to begin with and build the time you are on it up gradually. It’s a great conversation starter….everyone in the office will want one. Live a little, buy a wobble cushion.


3.     Tuck the arm you use your mouse with in to your side. So much of the pain we get at the end of the day in the top of our shoulders is from holding that arm away from us all day. Keep the elbow tucked in and your neck/shoulder will thank you.


4.     Stand up when a colleague comes to talk to you, or when you are on the phone and don’t need to look at a screen. Take every opportunity during the day to stand up…..sitting is over rated and frankly bad for you. Plus you burn more calories standing. It’s a win win.


Still in pain? Then see a physio and get it sorted 😊