Five tips for people who 'hotdesk'

Hot-desking has become a fashionable phenomenon in this day and age. It's a nice idea, but in reality it's leading to a lot of people being in pain or discomfort as they don't make sure that their desk position is right for them, as they'll only be there for the day!



Here's a few quick fire ways to have less discomfort when changing your desks on a daily basis:

1) Ignore posture advice: Sitting up straight all day is impossible, but having your computer at the right height for you will certainly help to get you less slouched over. Steal (borrow) a ream of paper to put under your monitor to help raise this up to a height that keeps your eyes level. The good thing about a ream of paper is its easy and quick to adjust the height, plus you're always ready if you need a quick scrap of paper to jot a note down!

2) Get a wobble cushion: these are great for sitting on, make your postural muscles work a little bit harder, and definitely make your chair a bit softer on the behind! We sell these (click here) at the clinic, but others are available all over the net!

3) Get a favourite mousepad (and mouse if needs be) and take it everywhere with you. They're light, easy to move about, and could save your hands and wrists a lot of drama from using one's that aren't the right fit for you (particularly if you're a lefty!). Trackpads on laptops are notoriously rubbish for using all day!

4) If you are hot-desking try to pick the desk NOT under the airconditioning blowers. I know it's BOILING outside right now in the UK, but cold air blowing on your muscles all day can definitely make them feel tight. This might not affect everyone, but if you can avoid it, then do so. 

5) Chairs with arms are better than chairs without, and chairs where your feet actually touch the ground comfortably are most supportive. If your feet aren't sitting comfortably on the ground, get some more of that 'borrowed' paper from the copy room and get them supported. 

Don't forget that there are lots of stretches and exercises you can do at your desk, and getting up regularly is always the best for your health (maybe do all your phonecalls while standing?). If you need any advice on specific exercises for you that you can do at your desk, then give us a shout, any one of us can help! 

Happy Hotdesking! 

Kate x