Leaking more than just sweat on your starjumps?


Ladies. are you leaking when you exercise??

Right ladies, how's the new year exercise regime going? I only ask because sometimes with all the excitement of getting fit you begin to realise new problems are surfacing. When you increase your impact work or simply increase the time you are exercising it's common for ladies to report some unwanted stress incontinence (leakage). I know it's easier to reach for a panty liner or pad and you may even have been told in the past it's "because you've had a baby" and felt you should just get on with it, but the solution can be really quite simple. Your pelvic floor is a muscle just like any other muscle and if you train it properly you can stop leaking and get back to focussing on what you want to do. So can I encourage you to see a women's health physiotherapist? They will teach you the correct pelvic floor activation technique, can release unhelpfully tight muscles and set you a programme to have you bouncing in no time. Give your pelvic floor muscle the same new year new you treatment you've given the rest of. You're gonna need it for a long time!


Kind regards,

Sally Murray

Senior Physiotherapist